Our history can be traced back to 1969, when poured foundations were unknown among builders and homeowners. Most basements were constructed with block wall, which at the time was sufficient enough for building. However a new phenomenon was sweeping the nation and that was poured foundations. Joe Ragone who was currently working in the concrete industry, decided he would start a career for his passion, thus finding Ragone Foundations Inc. His objectives for the company were simple at the time, to provide a quality poured foundation for a reasonable price to builders and homeowners. As the concrete industry in the Capital Region grew, so did Ragone Foundations tackling such projects as the Van Patten developments throughout Clifton Park, NY and other various neighborhoods throughout surrounding cities of the Albany and Saratoga regions. In the 80’s and early 90’s Ragone continued to receive constant growth in the residential market and started to also develop into the commercial concrete industry. To this day the business is still family owned and operated. |


The future for Ragone Foundations is simple, that is to continue to provide outstanding service; straight, level and square foundations. Our company plans to keep expanding into both the residential and commercial markets, as well as investing into tools that have truly changed and modernized the concrete industry. We will maintain our reputation that when clients call, we will listen to their requests. Instead of creating excuses when problems arise, we will face them head on and create solutions, and most of all when our client has a question, we will respond.